Sunday, April 17, 2011

Top Ten Songs Played on my I-Tunes

So this is not my top ten favourite songs, but this is the current listing for what I-tunes has recorded as the ten songs I have listened to the most through I-Tunes.
It is a list which is fairly diverse although quite a few reflective tracks.
80% Christian music will also mean it is in the niche field for a number of people!!

10. Hold it Against Me - Britney Spears.

Britney's first song off her latest CD had a good beat, some good use of dub step and overall a decent song, the video clip is out there however!!

09. Seasons of Love - The Cast of Rent from the Original Movie Soundtrack.

From the first time I watched the movie Rent I was humming this song.  A great tune.

08. Breathe - Michael W Smith.

Slow song with nice simple lyrics and a great reflective feel.

07. To Be Like Jesus - Sovereign Grace Music.

This is from a Kids recording and is very rocky/boppy. great tune and amazing lyrics.

06. With All I Am - Hillsong Live.

Arguably the most moody, reflective Hillsong tune ever, it does not feel like a lot of their stuff, and not that their other music is bad, but this is my favourite Hillsong track by a long way.

05. Gospel Music - Shai Linne.

Hip Hop summary of the book of Romans is just theological gold and a great tune.

04. May the Mind - Emu Music.

Great words and my favourite Emu song to date.

03. Peace - Sovereign Grace Music.

Another song from the Kids CD this one is more reflective and more suits me.

02. I Can Only Imagine - Mercy Me.

The first time I heard this I think I had pins and needles, awesome song with such powerful words, great stuff.

01. New Life - Evangel.

This one will not be the top played song forever, it is a hip hop song of someone talking about finding new life in Christ.  It is the culmination of a CD called Expository Journey and it mixes hip hop with a unique chorus which almost has a chipmunk feel to it!!!  I love it anyway!!

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