Saturday, March 26, 2011

My top ten movies of all time.

I am aware that my top ten movies will be very different to other peoples lists.

The fact is the movies I like are different, and whilst not totally obscure, they are arguably eclectic.  Although some people will say thematically they have similar ideas.

Anyway this is my top ten movies, starting from ten.

10. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring Again.  2003. South Korea.

A remarkable movie originating from South Korea, which has some incredible movies, diverse and magical.

This one is almost mesmerising as it goes through the seasons of life of a Buddhist monk, from childhood to his obsession with a woman to his return.

The first section when he is a child is clearly the best section, and there are some confronting scenes, but overall it is just an amazing movie experience.

09. The King and the Clown. 2005. South Korea.

Second movie in a row from South Korea and this one is also mesmerising.  

The story sometimes gets a little lost in cultural translation but the power of the message wins through.  A performance by Jun Ki Lee that should have won him more international awards and a story which has been compared to Brokeback Mountain, although it is remarkably different in many aspects.

A beautifully made movie.

08. Grave of the Fireflies. 1988. Japan.

An animated movie that makes you weep is how this movie has been described.
This is animation at its most incredible and its most powerful.  A truly epic feat and a truly heartbreaking emotional ride which is so powerful it will feel like you have been hit in the chest with a sledge hammer.
An unforgettable movie experience.

07. Andrei Rublev. 1966. Russia.

This is not your ordinary run through the story movie, it is episodic in nature, and it requires hard work to be attentive to it, but once you abandon yourself to it, you never forget the story and some of the images tay with you for a long time afterwards.

I am a fan of Russian cinema and this is not the only Russian movie you will find on this list!

06. Beautiful Boxer. 2003. Thailand.

The story of a feminine boy who wants to have that operation and becomes a kick boxer to earn the money to do so.
It is based on a true story, and even if you don't agree with what the character is doing, it is a powerful movie with amazing acting, and a truly moving story.

05. The Gospel According to St. Matthew. 1964. Italy.

Made by a communist atheist director using amateur actors, this simply presentation of Matthew's gospel is so potent and so true to the text it is simply the best Biblical movie ever made.

For once it was not someone compromising the gospel in the hope that someone would like it.
It did not focus too much on the violent aspects, but was an amazing visual representation of the life of Jesus.

If you can only ever watch one gospel movie, make it this one!

04. Citizen Kane. 1941. USA.

A perennial favourite for critics this movie is brilliant and it shines through every frame.
A stunning portrayal of loss and what is really important in life.
A look at wealth, power and the manipulation of the media, which today occurs even more than then.

And when you finish and you sit back and ponder you wonder what is my Rosebud?

03.  Battleship Potemkin. 1925. Russia.

A silent epic, which has been copied, parodied and frequently loved by critics.

This is a great silent piece which does have an agenda and that is clear, but shines past it to show a wonderful piece of cinema magic.

02.  All About Eve. 1950. USA.

The cult of celebrity has never been so well documented in a movie which becomes truer with each passing day.

A movie which entertains you, movies you, and really makes you think about our celebrity culture.

A must watch in todays life.  It needs a re-release in the cinemas!

01. War and Peace. 1967. Russia.

The number one movie and the third from Russia on the list is a truly epic.

Running in at about seven and a half hours long, this movie is pure epic in all regards.

A movie experience which will leave you actually wanting more even after all you have seen.

It is the Tolstoy novel and the difference in peace before war and peace after war is explored beautifully.

A must watch, and you can watch it in sections!

So there is my top ten movies.


How many have you seen?

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