Saturday, December 3, 2011

Top Ten Hillsong songs

For a brief moment in time I actually attended a Hillsong church.  Well actually the church I attended was called Sydney Christian Life Centre Waterloo but they became Hillsong and well not long after I departed. It was actually about the time I left the Pentecostal church and moved to Presbyterianism.

That is however another longer story.

Anyway there are things I do not like about Hillsong but you have to give them credit for their music, and even though some of their songs are not the best, even some of the ones I mention you might think are not the best, these are my top ten Hillsong songs...

10.  I WIll Run to you

09. Here I am to Worship.

08.  The Potter's Hand

07. One Way Jesus

06. You Rescued Me.

05.  Everyday.

04. For All You've Done

03. Eagle's Wings.

02. Mighty to Save.

01. With All I Am.